New Faces

April 17, 2018

If you have been around RCSC lately, you may have come across a few new faces wearing staff shirts. We have two new course attendants Kourtney and Kyle. Both are students are Lewisville High school and shoot on the school’s competition sporting clays team. Course attendants are in charge of keeping the traps full of targets, keeping the course looking pristine, and assisting with other day to day jobs.

We also recently welcomed Andy Paquin to the staff as Assistant Manager. Andy got involved with sporting clays through coaching the Lewisville High school team. Andy mainly overseas what is going on out on the course. He is in charge of landscaping, and he manages the Course Attendants. Andy is also an instructor who works with shooters of any experience level.

The final new member of staff has been around for a little while, actually she’s been around since RCSC got its start, but she’s finally come on full time. Hailey Chesnutt has joined as the Marketing Coordinator and assisting with events. Hailey is the one in charge of keeping this fancy new website up to date and interacting with members/guest through the clubs social media. If you see Hailey sitting in the corner of the clubhouse on her laptop staring off into the distance, she is most likely trying to think up the best Instagram caption.

We are pleased to see how our team has grown and advanced through the years. New faces bring new energy and ideas. We appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in to make Rocky Creek the best sporting clay facility in the south-east. Next time you visit be sure to say Hello to everyone.