Spring 2022 Member Tournament

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Spring 2022 Member-Member Tournament! Congratulations to our top team – Hill Muse & Tommy Palmer, and to our top individual shooter – Jody Holler. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Member-Member Tournament

Thank you to all of our shooters who joined us for our Spring Member-Member tournament, and congratulations to Carter Parnell and Trevor Lynch with the Rocky Creek Clay Dusters on winning top team with a score of 195/200!

Rocky Creek Benefit Shoot 2020

Each year Rocky Creek Sporting Clays hosts a Benefit Shoot Fundraiser. This event was started in honor of our past general manager Chris Cantrell, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2019. Chris was a strong, courageous and selfless person. Each year we raise money in honor of Chris for charities in need.

The Original Six Shoot-Out

On October 24th, 2019 we will host the first Original Six Shoot-Out fundraiser! The Original Six Foundation was founded in 2011 by then-Governor Nikki Haley to close the gaps in educational opportunities for children in rural/underserved areas of South Carolina. The money raised on the day of the shoot will benefit the Original Six Foundation. […]

Rocky Creek Benefit Shoot 2019

On August 17th, 2019 we will be hosting our first inaugural benefit shoot! This shoot will be held each year in honor of our past general manager Chris Cantrell. He passed away unexpectedly February 17th, 2019 and left behind his 14-year old daughter. We have started a support fund for his daughter, and plan to […]