Meet the Member of the Month at Rocky Creek!

our member for the month of

October 2019

Aubrey Porter

Happy October! Our October 2019 member of the month is Aubrey Porter! Aubrey grew up in the Lowry’s community of Chester, SC, and currently resides in Richburg, SC with his wife, Shannon. He has three children, Jake, Bailie, and Kortney. Aubrey currently works at ATI Allvac and has been with the company for 23 years. When he isn’t out at Rocky Creek, Aubrey still spends his time in the sporting clays industry. Whether it is helping coach his youngest daughter’s sporting clays team or learning more about sporting clays/shotguns, Aubrey is all about shooting. He also enjoys to ride his Harley, cook and grill for his family, and is also “the unpaid maintenance guy around the house.” Next time you see Aubrey out on the course, be sure to say “Hello!”